AAG: The Friday Frag #2: Extralife

15th October 2010 - HSC got you down? Too many exams, and not enough time? Is your Grandma hogging the TV to watch Deal or no Deal while you could be teabagging N00bs with your friends in the latest FPS... Well Fridays are here!! which means tomorrow is the weekend. Here at AAG, we treat every day! like the weekend, but Fridays are special indeed. So today, and every other Friday we are going to feature some of the lighter side of gaming, relevant but otherwise off topic non-games that should get you relaxing for that glorious 2 days of gaming- today:


This weekend, starting Friday is definatly a feel good Friday. Across 18 countries around the world, for 24hrs gamers will unite in the best popular use of our skillz yet: Playing video games. Extralife is a celebration of our hobbies but more importantly it is breaking the trend to help those in needs. All the money raised goes to the Mirical Childrens Network and for the first time this year, all the money is comign home.


In an attempt to break last years record of $160,000.00 all the money raised in Australia will be going to Westmead Childrens Hospital, Westmead Sydney for the first time ever. Just up the road, at least one event will be happening, that includes Warhammer, table top gaming, video games and raffles. 


Starting 12AM EST Sat 16th October - If you find yourself in the greater Sydney area, swing over to:

15-17 Corner Duffy Avenue and the Esplanade

Thornleigh, Sydney NSW

The event runs through 12AM Sunday 17th October.

"Extra Life began in 2008 as a way of honoring a young lady named Victoria Enmon.  Tori’s battle against acute lymphoblastic leukemia (A.L.L.) inspired the Sarcastic Gamer Community in a way that is difficult to describe.  Members sent in video games and bought gifts to try to keep Tori’s spirits up despite numerous hospital stays and 3 bouts with the deadly disease.

Tragically, we lost Tori to cancer in January of 2008.  Later that year, I asked my partners at Sarcastic Gamer if they would be interested in Extra Life, a 24-hour video game marathon to raise money for the hospital that treated and fought beside Tori.  In 2008 and 2009 Extra Life raised a combined $302,000 dollars, 100% of which went directly to help kids like Tori at my local Children’s Miracle Network hospital (Texas Children’s).

While thousands of gamers, over 100 websites, and over 12,000 donors were more than happy to support Extra Life, many expressed their desire to raise money to help kids closer to home.  In what I can only consider destiny, in 2009 I left behind my radio career and went to work full time for Children’s Miracle Network, as a Radiothon Director.  This life-changing event gave me unique insight into an incredible non-profit organization that helps to heal kids all over the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia"  


It's not too late to join up and help make a difference, you can:

+ Register and create your personal fund-raising page.

+ Try to get at least 4 friends or family members to sponsor you at $1.00 per hour ($24.00 each)

+ Sit on your rear end and play video games for 24 straight hours on Saturday October 16th begining at 8:00am in your local timezone. 

Any Inqueries or expression of interest can be made through ian@allagegaming.com


Story By Ian Crane