NBA Elite 11 officially cancelled!

4th November 2010 - Yesterday it was confirmed that Electronic Arts have officially cancelled the production of NBA Elite 11. Following the surprise delay of the games release in October, EA has made the shock move of cancelling its annual basketball game for the first time since the first NBA Live game was released. NBA Elite 11 was meant to be the rebirth of the series with a completely revamped control system and EA were determined to make it the best basketball simulation game. Unfortunately for fans of the EA basketball games that didn't happen. In more news associated with the title, future development in the franchise would be handled by Madden NFL studio EA Tiburon. Previously, NBA Elite 11 had been in development at EA Canada, which was the target of "seasonal roll-offs" last week.


As a fan of the series, I was certainly looking forward to NBA Elite 11 after a good effort by EA with NBA Live 10. However, after playing the NBA Elite 11 demo that was released on Xbox Live, I was worried about the final games quality. Then when EA announced the delay I thought that more time to get it right would be a good thing, but to can it altogether is a very surprising move considering the cash they would have spent on the games development. At least EA have released roster updates for NBA Live 10 to reflect roster changes in the NBA for the 2010-2011 season. We can only hope that what will presumably be called NBA Elite 12 will be a massive improvement and bring back the glory days of the series.


Story By Craig Cirillo