Should MS give existing 360 owners a FREE new version 360?

Should MS give existing 360 owners a FREE new version 360?

16th June 2010 - The new Xbox 360 is here. Sleeker, sexier, built-in Wi-Fi, a 250 GB hard drive and Kinect ready! Can we ask for more? Well, quite frankly YES! This is the Xbox 360 we should have had from the start!!!


Now, I know Microsoft will NEVER give existing 360 owners a brand new “improved” version of the Xbox 360 for nothing, that’s just fact. However, those who have bought multiple Xbox 360’s due to their “original” ones braking down, do you think they will be sitting back thinking that they have been punished for their loyalty to a console that is famous for its Red Ring of Death? I think some will be at least.


How many of these have you had to buy??

Let’s think about this a bit more. Yes Microsoft did the right thing by getting the Xbox 360 to the shelves before any other “next gen” console, but it was at the expense of reliability and build quality. Although the PS3 wasn’t released for another year after the PS3’s launch, its build quality is much better and it came with built-in Wi-Fi, a HDMI connection, Blu-ray playback and more on its launch, not some 4 years later. Yes a 250 GB hard drive is great to include in the new Xbox 360, but although it didn’t come with it to start with, the PS3 could be upgraded to that and more on launch!! Now before we get comments of the PS3 was way more expensive on launch than the Xbox 360, let’s take stock of the REAL costs of each console.


The Xbox 360 was a fair bit cheaper than the PS3, but it didn’t come with a lot of features the PS3 had/has and how much have a LOT of Xbox 360 owners spent on multiple consoles due to their loyalty to the product?? Thank goodness the Xbox 360 has and continues to have what is arguably the best games line-up of any console and the best is probably yet to come. If it hadn’t would so many have bought multiple consoles? Probably not.


Even if you have an "old" 360, are you still going to get this?

So to conclude this rant, to those Xbox 360 owners who have shelved out for several Xbox 360 consoles due to console failures, I applaud your loyalty and think that you deserve a FREE new “improved” version of the Xbox 360. It’s just unfortunate that you will once again have to part with your hard earned to get what is now the ultimate version of the console you love.


Let us know your thoughts in our comments section below. And those of you who have bought multiple Xbox 360’s, tell us how many you have purchased and will you buy the new one.


Article by Craig Cirillo